Adobe is offering artists and designers new tools to create content, with the launch of new apps that are part of its Creative Cloud suite, but this time for the iPad. Adobe evangelist Rufus Deuchler claims that mobile should be a tool and not a toy, which we totally agree with.


Of course, you can also do some basic editing on the iPhone version of Lightroom, but it doesn’t even begin to compare to the work you can do on a tablet. Photoshop Mix is another thing to look out for, since it doesn’t try to adapt the experience to the tablet, but rather it works with Adobe’s cloud to extract only one layer of a huge file for example. Users can drag their finger to lasso an area of the image and get the layers that make it up.

Mix relies on the cloud to give users the processing power that the tablets don’t have. You can use perspective correction to straighten a picture thanks to the Upright filter or unblur an image with camera shake reduction. The thing they’re trying to avoid is have you wait for stuff to happen in this suite, while the device is processing, so everything is taken to the cloud.

Mix also lets the user draw with the finger to create a mask and selects difficult edges like hair pretty well. These tools are iPad only and it’s strange that we aren’t seeing them on Android slates, but Adobe quotes lack of demand as the reason. By the way, Adobe also launched a Stylus and Ruler, two hardware tools for people who work with their solutions on the iPad. The stylus has an aluminum body and a customizable LED light when turned on.

The duo is called Ink and Slide and it’s meant for graphic designers and industrial design people.