Last I heard about the Acer Switch series, it included a 12 inch device with solid specs and a lot of promise. Switch models are usually detachables or hybrids and Acer decided it needed two more in its portofolio. Just a bit ahead of Computex, they unveiled two such newcomers: Switch V10 and Switch One 10.


These are affordable hybrids, both with 10 inch IPS screens and quad core Intel Atom processors. The V10 is different because it’s available in more colours and also brings a fingerprint scanner, as well as an USB Type C port for charging, data transfer and video output. The same product is expected to debut in USA in Q3 priced at $249.


The Acer Switch One 10 should come from July, with a $199 price tag. Of course, both new models run Windows 10 and they’ll come in both 32 and 64 GB configs. Apparently, the keyboard dock also adds an extra 500 GB of storage, so that’s nice.