Computex 2012 is in full bloom these days, taking place in Taipei and including the unveiling of some very interesting Windows 8 models. Among them we find the 10.1 inch Acer Iconia W510, a Windows 8 convertible tablet that can be seen in action in the video below.

Acer unveiled its lineup of Windows 8 slates at Computex, that includes the W700 and W510 so far. Acer Iconia W510 is a convertible, full HD touchscreen-based tablet with an IPS display and 3 different use modes. The device can be docked with a detachable keyboard and rotated 295 degrees from the dock in presentation mode. Acer showed off a PowerPoint presentation on stage and promised a battery life of up to 18 hours with the keyboard docked. Acer Iconia W510 will be priced between $599 to $799 when it launches.

That’s all the specs we have so far, but we’ll update you with more, once we have them. Till then check out the hands on video below, if you’re curios to see this slate in action. The form factor here is very interesting, since you can use that keyboard dock upside down to hold the tablet upright and completely vertical for better input. It’s an original take on what ASUS gave us till now through the Transformer series.