Acer Iconia Tab A500, one of the most loved low price Android 3.1 tablets has just received the Android 3.1 update in Germany at least. It seems that the United States will still have to wait for it a while…

We remind you that the first unit to get the 3.1 update was the “Nexus” tablet, Motorola Xoom, that got it immediately when the new software was out. However, this only happened in the States, taking months for Honeycomb 3.1 to reach Europe on Xoom. Now the story is reversed, with Europe having the priority for Acer Iconia Tab A500 and the US waiting.

The 10 inch Iconia Tab A500 shipped with Android 3.0  initially, and some of you might have used the unofficial Honeycomb 3.1 update already. Acer Germany officials entered Facebook to tell their countrymen about the update, so it’s certainly an official one.

  • Naturesninja

    i got my ota update to 3.1 today and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada USA