Among the features brought by the first update of the Windows Phone 8.1 mobile platform we also have the support for large screen devices for up to 7 inches, and the possibility to install the WP 8.1 on various devices that doesn’t need to incorporate the radio antennas.


Getting this updates in the same package, we suppose that soon we could see on the market a first 7-inch tablet with Windows Phone 8.1 on board, mostly because now the support for this kind of displays is now available.

Also, we take in consideration the fact that a possible OEM to launch on the market a 7-inch Windows Phone 8.1 phablet that will be a tablet but under a different name. As you may know, Samsung launched a few months ago a 7-inch Android device on the South Korean market, so it’s possible to see something like this with Windows Phone 8.1. What do you think?