With Samsung rumored to be working on a new Exynos CPU and a new high resolution tablet panel, it only makes sense that a rumor about a new Galaxy Tab would appear. We’re dealing here with a rumors about the 2GHz dual core Exynos 5250 processor, that Samsung is working on and that will make to a supposed 11.6 inch slate with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on board.

The device is supposed to be announced at MWC 2012 next month and it will surely make up for the rumored lack of the Galaxy S III. Rumors also say that we should expect here a model with a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution, one that Android and Me claims to have handled behind the scenes at CES and wasn’t allowed to post pictures of it. A tablet with a dual core 2GHz processor of the Exynos kind and that huge display and huge resolution would be a big hit, but only if the device is kept slim and light enough.

This big screen is the main problem of the product, since it will make it less portable than the iPad and the 8.9 inch and 7 inch slates for example. We might also see an S Pen accessory for this unit or compatibility with the one already available on the Galaxy Note. Of course, this is all a bunch of rumors, so take all the info with the usual grain of salt. As far as the Exynos 5250 chip is concerned, this one is built around Cortex A15 cores instead of the A9 ones, so that gives it 40% more power. Samsung claims it’s already supplying partners with such chipsets, so the first devices based on them are ready for testing right now.

I have a feeling that the actual performance (and maybe power use) of these chips will be better than the Tegra 3. Do you agree?

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  • fooball

    I don’t share your opinion that “This big screen is the main problem of the product”.

    I don’t mind giving up a little portablity to gain a larger screen to view full size web pages at a decent font size.

    Myself…..I would like a 13″ tablet. Just how much different is it to carry a 3/8″ thick peice of hardware at a 9″ diagonal as opposed to 11.6″ ?

    Maybe for women, the size of the purse comes into play, but for men….we won’t be carrying many tablets around in our pocket, anyway.

    7″ may fit in a suit pocket, but IMO that’s just too darn small of a screen to view a full size web page.

    It cracks me up to see this rumored Samsung tablet be described as “humongous” and “huge” in articles around the web. Is it really that much bigger than a 10.1″ model? Really?

    I vote for a 13″! And don’t tell me to go buy a netbook….two different animals.

  • Sturgeob

    I agree with fooball. I would love a bigger display tablet. It’s not like you are going to walk around holding it while doing other things. I think it would accentuate the tablet experience and with that large of a display the on-screen keyboard would be full size, making it even better! I also think the larger display would nudge the technology in new directions not yet thought of for a tablet.