A couple of days ago we found out that Microsoft thinks that it takes about 2 weeks to get used to Windows 8. Now we see a kid that handles the OS better than most adults, in the promo video below. Microsoft Portugal is behind this stunt, that involves a 11 year old kid teaching adults how to use the new platform.

kid win 8

He explains the swiping mechanism, various elements of the UI and seems to be having a ball while doing that. It’s that when he’s asked for more details, he introduces his colleague, yet another kid, so it’s a very well done promo. Windows 8 is after all a product for the masses and the general public has to get used to the idea of tiles and swapping from usual desktop to the tile mode. While people are complaining about the new UI, I say we keep an open mind and try it for a few days, before judging it.

One thing is for sure: Microsoft has invested huge amounts of money into the marketing of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and I’m not so sure it will pay in the short term, but only in the long run. For now opinions are mixed and Win 8 hasn’t been received as openly as Windows 8 has. At least there aren’t driver problems like on Vista…