Apple iPad Named Most Influential Tablet by TIME Magazine

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  • 05 May 2016
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  • The famous TIME Magazine has published a very interesting piece, that sheds light over the past 30 years of gadgets and tech. They’ve created a list of 50 most influential gadgets of all time, with the iPhone being number one. The Apple iPad is the only tablet on the list, thus it becomes the most influential tablet ever.

    Placed on the 25th spot in this piece, the device may not exactly be the world’s first tablet, but it certainly helped create a template and standard for the way a tablet should work and look like. The likes of GriD Pad and Palm Pilot tried to premiere this format, but couldn’t cut it. Windows slates were big and clunky and Apple ushered in the post PC era when they debuted this product in 2010.

    Apple sold 300k iPads in the first store day, matching the iPhone day one numbers and going on to seize the number one spot in market share and sales. Over the past two years the iPad’s sales have been dropping and with it the entire tablet market, a sign that when Apple drops, the whole product segment drops with it. I think that the Nexus 7 may have also deserved a spot here…

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    SOURCE: Time Magazine
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    • Robert Jasiek

      Greatest influence includes the terrible decisions of omitting file management and matte displays still making it hard to find any good productive outdoor tablet. In principle, a tablet is a device that can be used consumptive and productive, indoors and outdoors. Apple has failed to offer a truely convincing model for an all-purpose tablet. As a consequence, all other manufacturers fail likewise.

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