Nook Touch Based on GlowLight Tech Uses Bright E-Ink

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  • 11 Apr 2012
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  • It appears that a mystery Kindle with a very bright screen was spotted in Seattle and maybe that wasn’t actually a Kindle, but rather a Nook Touch model…. What you see here below is a promo shot of the new Nook ebook reader, published by The Digital Reader and taken using a flyer that Barnes & Noble is about to post in its shops.

    This Nook SimpleTouch with GlowLight technology is basically an e-reader with a bright E Ink, in case you’re wondering. It doesn’t involve a panel with backlighting or a standard LCD like the ones on other tablets. We’re most likely dealing with a film applied on a penal or a small internal light that glows over the entire screen to make the reading experience better in low light conditions, when natural or artificial light isn’t available. I don’t think this is a groundbreaking technology, but rather a useful and predictable one.

    You should also be able to manage the brightness level through a dedicated key. We don’t have any info on price and availability, but people close to the matter have been mentioning “Thursday” a bunch of times, maybe tomorrow or maybe next week? Now let’s see what Amazon throws in the game…

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